The eMT cluster has been approved by the GSRI in the framework of the Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation program EPAnEK / Axis 02 - COOPERATIVE FORMATIONS OF INNOVATION / GCC and the Supporting Entity of the project is ena company - S. Amoiras - D.Bardakidis GP - (ena Business Consultants).

The vision and direction of the eMT cluster was shaped by ena, based on its extensive knowledge of the economic activities and needs of companies and organizations in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The eMT cluster builds upon the substantial benefits of the Digital Transformation for businesses and the economy, as well as the growth opportunities provided by Innovation Partnerships.

The scope of the eMT cluster is the rapid application of Digital Transformation (fast digital on boarding) in companies and organizations of all sizes. It gathers innovations that can be created by Information Technologies, whether they relate to new developments or to their innovative applications.

Based on the procedure set by the GSRI for the specific program, ena submitted its proposal for the first phase of the project, which was approved as the only Information Technology cluster in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Ena then proceeded to an extensive communication with numerous companies and institutions to shape the final composition of the members within the second phase of the project, forming a complete proposal that was submitted in March 2021. The approval of the second phase is pending.

The final scope of the eMT cluster emerged following a holistic process: the ena vision was communicated to numerous IT companies and academic institutions for both the A ‘and B’ Phases. Individual development plans were brought together by the participating  institutions, all coordinated by ena and leading to the coherent direction of eMT cluster.

The eighteen (18) companies, organisations and universities participating in the 2nd proposal as members of the eMT cluster are the following:

Also participating: The Department of Physics of the International University of Greece, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Administration of the Democritus University of Thrace and the Department of Shipping and Business Services of the University of the Aegean.
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