Information Technologies in the Agricultural Sector aim at cost reduction, early detection of diseases, tracking/ tracing, ensuring consistent product quality to the consumer, proper monitoring of financial and management processes, environmental protection and green growth.

Through information technologies such as enterprise systems, IoT, BlockChain, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, real-time transactional systems and their combination with various other technologies, the eMT cluster approaches innovations related to the following:

  1. Agricultural production environmental assessment tools based on carbon footprint measurements and real-time life cycle analysis at land parcel, producer and crop level.
  2. Technological tools for management and monitoring of the fleet of agricultural machinery, so that the measurements of the environmental impact from their operation can be made in real time and then connect to agricultural management systems.
  3. Milk and meat cycle monitoring system, serving the traceability of animal products and the observance of food safety standards.
  4. Mechanism for collecting data from applications (scientific, laboratory, practical), correlating with different crops and making them available to agricultural enterprises and scientists.
  5. Primary data collection system using drone systems (Drone as-a Service), providing photogrammetry-telescopic data, inspection of agricultural / livestock facilities and natural disaster assessment.
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