eMT cluster Objective

The eMT cluster will develop an integrated digital transformation ecosystem that will offer businesses of all sizes fast access to technology (Fast digital onboarding) with the following subsystems:

  1. eMTMetaplatform. An innovative mechanism that allows the formation of business models tailored to their needs. It is an interoperability mechanism, digitizing and homogenizing processes, ensuring the interconnection of market and production requirements. It interconnects different systems (those developed in the eMT cluster or by 3rd parties). It will operate on the cloud, on SaaS model, providing reasonable security and separation between users. Development of three business models: Primary production, processing, services. In addition, technologies are being developed for all businesses:
    1. System for measuring the environmental impact of the operation of a company and determination of greenhouse gas emissions.
    2. Process management software for compliance with ISO quality systems.
    3. A system that administers the modules of the Metaplatform that an enterprise is using. portfolio management system used by a company and model development.
    4. DWH storing data of companies using the Metaplatform.
    5. Development of Deep Learning and AI mechanisms that train the system in the organization of business processes and leads to BI.
    6. Development of a universal API for the interconnection of third party systems with the metaplatform.
    7. A Site Builder system, offering automated creation and maintenance of websites that will facilitate entrepreneurs to develop their own front-end tools (eshops, functional websites).

  2. eMTAgro:
    1. Development of a tool for environmental assessment of agricultural production based on carbon footprint measurements and real-time life cycle analysis at the level of land parcel, producer and type of crop.
    2. Technological tool for fleet management of agricultural machinery in real time with measurements of the environmental impact of their operation.
    3. Milk and meat cycle monitoring system, serving the traceability of animal products and compliance with relevant standards.
    4. Mechanism for collecting data from applications (scientific, laboratory, practical), correlating with different crops and making it available to agricultural enterprises and scientists.
    5. Data collection system using drone systems (Drone as a Service), providing photogrammetry-telescopic data, inspection of agricultural / livestock facilities and natural disaster assessment. 

  3. eMTManufacturing. Fully automated industrial production management business system combining automation and sensors with specialized software.

  4. eMTTourism/SmartCities:
    1. SmartCities Platform. Central system of interconnection among different sources used in smart city implementations, offering direct export of information on sustainable urban mobility, multimodal transport, thematic tourism etc.
    2. Study in the sector of Blue Economy, highlighting the characteristics and development perspectives of a coastal location, in combination with the policies of the productive bodies (companies, municipalities), concluding to a sustainable development strategy.
    3. A system of personalized routes in an area, in order to highlight touristic value and project cultural wealth of the location. 

  5. eMTHumanResourceTransformation:
    1. Multimodal/hybrid (digital and physical) training mechanism system. It combines LMS technologies, audio-visual equipment, video conferencing and student support.
    2. Virtual Reality Environment-gateway through which an interested party will have access to technology companies, digital contact with tools, innovative companies, resume submission mechanism and interviews.
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