Manufacturing & Industry


Information Technologies in Manufacturing and Industry aim for the comprehensive monitoring of all stages of production (from the connection of the customer's order to the timely ordering of raw materials), maximizing the efficiency of all resources (human and machines), reducing costs, ensuring the desired quality at all stages of the supply chain, as well as the safety of human resources and facilities. 
Incorporating industry 4.0 into the eMT cluster involves the use of advanced IoT technologies, specialized sensors, data warehouses, Business Intelligence, resource and material management systems (ERP, MRP, PMS, etc.) for the automation of production within the factory and integration with existing control and operational management systems. 

Developped Technologies in eMT cluster

Creation of an integrated, innovative mechanism that combines subsystems supporting production processes within a manufacturing enterprise/industry with automation at its various stages, in order to provide comprehensive information regarding the supply chain within the factory.
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